November Network Nominations

Every month, Million Hoodies members nominate a member, chapter or organizing project to spotlight their work in our communications. Paul John, a co-leader of the Million Hoodies NYC chapter & basebuilding/communications working group lead, was nominated for November's Organizer of the Month. Million Hoodies Cornell University chapter was nominated for November's Chapter of the Month. 


Here's what Paul had to say about the nomination: As a chapter, we’re still defining the mission and vision of our work, but I’m most proud of our participation in the Close Rikers campaign. While we envision and work toward a city that’s truly free, we need to hold Mayor de Blasio accountable to fulfilling one of his most important promises during this era of mass incarceration: closing Rikers Island.


Million Hoodies members nominated the Cornell University chapter for their bold rapid response action after a Black student experienced a racist assault on campus.