We believe in local grassroots leadership

I’m a chapter leader with the NYC chapter of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, here I’ve found a family and a political home that is central to my existence in world that frequently dehumanizes and devalues Black and Brown people. Thanks to Million Hoodies, I have a space to grow and a platform for my voice to be heard. Often the voices of Black women are squashed, our ideas are poached, or our beliefs are deemed irrelevant. Within my chapter my voice is not only respected, but seen as a necessary force for change. Now I am a powerful Black woman who stands on the shoulders of the freedom fighters who came before me.


The violence inflicted on communities and individuals has been hard for me to accept. I’ve struggled emotionally and physically to deal with these harsh realities. The senseless deaths of Black and Brown people— Kiwi Herring, Matthew Ajibade, Trayvon Martin, Tanisha Anderson, Walter Scott, Sandra Bland, Kalief Browder and so many more — has shaken me to the core. I’ve made sure to learn every one of their names and the details of their lives as a way to counter a system that dehumanizes the victims of violence.

I’ve worked to build communities by forming coalitions to create safe spaces for people to meet, share food, and talk about issues affecting them. I’ve delivered lectures and political education to empower young people and those facing oppression. I’ve constructed important narratives, which convey the facts and lived experiences of Black and Brown people. I will continue to publish and perform pieces which speak truth to power and peel back the chains of anti-black racism and systemic violence and I am excited to build on our work in New York City with the Safety Beyond Policing campaign and Freedom Cities movement to demand investments in our humanity and our planet.

In order to do this I need your help, we need your help. Please consider donating to Million Hoodies so that together, we can work to reimagine safety for our communities. End the year right and donate to Million Hoodies Movement for Justice.