We are committed to love and fellowship

When I joined Million Hoodies in 2014, I was looking to channel my energy into something that would be positive for my community and communities across the country in the midst of days where it felt like hope and optimism were lost.

In 2014 and through today, I watched as the lives of unarmed Black and Brown people were taken at the hands of rogue law enforcement officers with little to no repercussion for their actions and knew it was time to get off the sidelines and fight for what is right- a world where people are not pre-judged by their physical appearance and cast off as an “other” by those that are unwilling to empathize with their daily struggle.


It went and continues to go beyond excessive physical violence from law enforcement and as 2017 comes to an end and 2018 begins, the struggle continues. Ending the marginalization and criminalization of our most at-risk communities will be the most defining moment of our generation and finding our organization came at the just right time for me.

Million Hoodies has served as a home to me and the work we have all done to bring the struggles of those too often cast off as an “other” in society to the mainstream and has further provided me the opportunity to marry my energy to my beliefs and turn them into action.

Today, I feel both lucky and blessed to have found community in Million Hoodies and I am grateful for the platform that we have created to amplify our voices and the voices of those too frequently silenced.

We’re a long way from the finish line but hard work, dedication, along with a commitment to love and fellowship will get us there. I believe that there are better days ahead where we can truly heal from our collective current and past traumas as we begin to truly thrive as a people.

With Million Hoodies, I know we can get there, no matter how long it takes. End the year right by donating to Million Hoodies Movement for Justice to build upon our work in 2018.