2017 National Convening

On July 13-16, 2017, we look forward to gathering for our national membership convening in New York, New York where Million Hoodies members across the country gather to build deeper relationships, set direction about how to move the organization forward, exchange best practices, and engage in collective decision-making and experiences that truly represent the nature of our growing national community.

Million Hoodies National Congress 1.jpg

Million Hoodies Congress is an opportunity to be inspired, foster new connections within our organization, reunite with comrades, and engage in powerful conversations about how to take our collective organizing to the next level in 2017. Congress is one of the most dynamic weekends for Million Hoodies members because of the collective experience to have fun, organize, and support one another.

This year, Million Hoodies National Congress is aimed at crafting network-wide alignment on our organizational DNA and organizing principles, as well as to establish our unwavering commitment to each other towards building a transformative movement for human dignity and democracy.

Our communities are under attack at every level, and we need to protect and defend ourselves at all costs! The time to fight back is now! The time to be in community is now. We can’t afford to stay on the sidelines or silent as our people continue to be deported, killed by police, suffer through injustice and negligence by the government.

We are looking for commitment. By choosing to join the Million Hoodies family, you are choosing to take a stand for yourself and your community. You are choosing to deny the criminalization, marginalization, and violence that our families are subject to every day. You are choosing to join in a proud tradition of Black and Brown youth organizing and leadership across the nation.

Million Hoodies Congress will take place in New York City. Only individuals who register will receive the logistics memo that will share the location of the event. By registering, Million Hoodies will provide you with food, lodging, materials, and a cool t-shirt for attending the national gathering.

Click here to register for the 2017 national membership convening in New York City from July 13-16.

The plenaries this year are aimed at crafting network-wide alignment on our national narrative and organizing principles, as well as to establish our unwavering commitment to building a transformative movement for dignity and democracy for young Black and Brown people. We understand that in order to genuinely craft this alignment, we must not only present ideas and theories but give our membership the skills necessary for their effective and genuine practice. That is the primary goal of our workshop sessions.

This year, we will have four rounds of workshops. One will be dedicated to organizing skills, with an emphasis on story sharing (narrative), recruitment (one-on-ones), and strategy. The second will be focused on artivism – the intersection of arts and organizing and culture change. Our third round of workshops include building resiliency with ritual and healing. The final workshop grouping will be dedicated to political education, policy, and internationalism.

Click here to submit a workshop or training proposal to the 2017 national membership congress.