Happy birthday Trayvon!

Happy 23rd birthday Trayvon! Over the next several months, we will honor Trayvon's legacy and the sixth anniversary of the founding of Million Hoodies. Today we celebrate Trayvon's life which was cut short due to anti-black racism and gun violence.

Today the Million Hoodies NYC chapter launches the #Lifeat23 campaign to honor Trayvon and the lives lost from police brutality and gun violence. Too many lives from our communities are cut short due to systemic racist practices and prevents young Black and Brown children (and their families) from fulfilling their goals.

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We invite you to share pictures and reflections of what life was like when you were 23, or alternatively, what you hope life would be like at the age of 23.  Please use #lifeat23 and share your posts over Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter!


#Lifeat23 for me was a time of self-exploration. I had the opportunity to move to a new city after graduating cum laude from xyz college. As a first generation kid, whose parent hadn’t finished high school, this was a massive achievement. My world felt like it was just beginning to open up.

Three ways to remember and celebrate Trayvon today:

  1. Make a donation to support the Trayvon Martin Foundation.
  2. Purchase and read "Rest in Power" by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin which also tells a story about the founding of Million Hoodies as an organization in 2012.
  3. Contribute to the Million Hoodies NYC chapter's #Lifeat23 campaign!