Happy birthday Million Hoodies! 🎂

Today we're celebrating Million Hoodies Movement for Justice's 6th birthday! Over the past six years, Million Hoodies has been busy bridging the gap between gun violence prevention and mass criminalization. Million Hoodies first formed on March 19, 2012 in response to the media’s failure to adequately report on the events leading to Trayvon’s death. While George Zimmerman remained free, mainstream media failed at covering the story. 

We worked with leaders at Occupy the Hood like Malik Rhasaan to organize the #MillionHoodies March in New York City on March 21, 2012 that ignited sister marches around the globe. We helped galvanize global support for a Change.org petition, created by Howard University students, that successfully called for the arrest of George Zimmerman. We've leveraged the power of narrative building, grassroots mobilization, and technology to empower a new generation of youth activism, as Million Hoodies co-founder Daniel Maree describes in this video.

MH Timeline+petition.png

Million Hoodies has evolved from its organic beginning into becoming a vibrant political home for youth of color activists that are engaging in local organizing around issues that directly impact their communities. We are building infrastructure that goes beyond a march or the ballot box, with a belief that young people of color are the architects of transformative social change to build safer communities.  

Through the Ella Baker Leadership Program and our National Congress, we invest in a new generation of leaders in developing their skill sets in grassroots organizing by providing access to resources and opportunities. The We Keep Us Safe network is a platform to allow communities to share their stories and mobilize others to keep our people safe.


And we’re just getting started. As we celebrate Million Hoodies' 6th anniversary and reflect on the progress we’ve made, we are reminded that the stakes are high. We need to work harder, smarter, and better to tackle the challenges facing our communities today. And we need your help.

Will join us and make a gift to support our fight for justice? In honor of today’s very special anniversary, we hope you will consider making a gift to help us continue our organizing.