Resource: Building Maroonage Project Toolkit

When Hurricane Irma hit South Florida at the end of last summer and we joined forces with Dancing for Justice, the Coalition for Racial Justice Organizing, Safety Pin Box, and Black Alliance for Just Immigration to create the Hurricane Irma Solidarity Network to ensure the South Miami Dade area had the supplies and resources needed to survive the storm. The South Miami Dade area is considered the rural part of Miami and is often overlooked by mainstream media, however it has always suffered the most and been hit the hardest by hurricanes. The South Miami Dade area is made up of Black, immigrant and migrant people who are the most vulnerable. 

Last year, our networks raised over $10,000 in direct support for impacted people affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria before and after the storms hit. We need to get prepared as Hurricane Florence is about to hit the Carolinas. Brittany Williams and Annie Schoening created a new toolkit to empower communities devastated by a climate crisis to organize a direct support campaign. Check out the toolkit and support the urgent needs for communities preparing for Hurricane Florence.