Ella baker leadership program

The Ella Baker Leadership Program focuses on building agency among our emerging leadership by creating access to resources and opportunities. This is our leadership training program designed to equip chapter leaders with ongoing community support and the space to participate in collective decision-making.


Million Hoodies is committed to the growth of our leaders. For this reason, we invest our time into supporting the ongoing leadership development of our members.

Through this program, Million Hoodies members will:

  • Get to know the other Million Hoodies members and leaders;

  • Build a sense of purpose and agency to organize at the chapter and national level;

  • Share best practices and lessons learned;

  • Engage in collective vision building;

  • Participate in skills trainings and analysis sharing (running a chapter to building community-driven projects and campaigns);

  • Increase access to opportunities with movement building partner organizations;

  • Receive a chapter manual and the members-only toolkit.

The commitment is intentionally flexible to fit the demands of organizing as a community or campus leader and managing your own personal lives. There are three convenings for the program which are activities you would have likely already been planning to attend. The convenings are designed to connect our membership together, provide resources, political education, and trainings, engage in collective vision building, and share best practices at the national level.