The Atlantic: Students March to White House to Call for Social Change

On a chilly Monday morning, a couple hundred young men and women marched to the White House. Into megaphones they yelled “No justice no peace, no racist police” and “No borders! No nations! Stop the deportations!” Among the protesters were a 19-year-old from Cheyenne tribal land in North Dakota who rode his first plane to be here, a local organizer born in South Korea, and a woman pushing a two-seated stroller—both of her kids holding a sign that read “Black lives matter.”

The crowd protested on a host of issues, including racial profiling, the criminal-justice system, climate change, and immigration. Though the topics varied, the majority of the protesters were young. The rally was called “Our Generation, Our Choice.” It was planned by several youth groups, including Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, the Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network, and All the issues have been recurring themes in the presidential debates of late. And while there seemed to be few GOP sympathizers in the crowd—but a lot of Bernie Sanders stickers—the marchers were upset with politicians in general.

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