The Catalyst: Million Hoodies Movement for Justice launches its National Week of Action

Just after midnight last Thursday, a small group of student activists filed into the WSLR radio station to promote and discuss the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice National Week of Action. Million Hoodies formed in response to the 2012 murder of Trayvon Martin and the failure of the media to cover it. Now, the movement is a national organization, comprised of young people of color, with chapters across the country, including the West Florida chapter, which is based out of New College.

Million Hoodies has, in the past, worked on a number of projects, including the creation of the “We Keep Us Safe Network,” which is “a rapid response platform to provide communities with the tools to educate themselves and take immediate action during moments of crisis,” according to the organization’s website. However, at the center of this past week’s Week of Action was the idea of freedom cities, cities and communities designed to be safe and protect all of its members.

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