100 Days Initiative: Activist Spotlight: Wailly Compres

Wailly Compres, a senior philosophy major, is a community organizer with a passion for education and conversation. As an activist, Compres works as a leader of the Bard chapter of Million Hoodies for Justice, a national human rights organization working to end gun violence and systematic violence in communities across the country. Compres got involved in activism just one year ago, after seeing a need for conversation spaces for communities of color at Bard.

“Back in my junior year, first semester, I remember coming back from the summer of 2016, and it being really overwhelming for a lot of us at Bard because there was a lot of shootings happening between the police and the black community,” he said.

He recalled a conversation with Davon Blanks, a senior at the time, about what they could do to help the community cope. Blanks had already been working with Million Hoodies at the time.

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