Coveteur: A Black Lives Matter Co-Founder On Surveillance & Social Media

“It’s also important to build campaigns that address the needs of all of us. A lot of the folks I organize with are really excited and energized by the revival of a sanctuary movement and creating sanctuary cities. That’s really important, but I have also been surrounded by people who are saying, ‘How do we ensure that everybody is safe?’ It’s not only refugees or immigrants. It’s queer folks and African Americans and women. How do we ensure that we are building safe spaces and communities that reflect the needs of all of us? Myself and members of BAJI, local Black Lives Matter chapters, ENLACE, Ella Baker Center, Million Hoodies, Hands Up United, Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM), and the Racial Justice Action Center are coming together to design a campaign called Freedom Cities, which is essentially a framework that ensures that all of us are protected and affirmed in our cities. It’s visionary. It’s looking to expand the notions of sanctuaries.”

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