Myrtle Ave Brooklyn: Samantha Johnson, Community Activist and Fort Greene Resident

Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership Executive Director, Meredith Phillips Almeida, sat down with Samantha Johnson, Director of Community Integration at the Ingersoll Community Center – just one of the many hats she wears as an activist, educator and leader in the Fort Greene community. If you spend just a moment with her, you’ll quickly be drawn in by her positivity and warmth. Armed with an endless supply of energy and a huge heart, she’s on a mission to use them to lift up young people as they transition to adulthood.

MPA: Director of Community Integration at Ingersoll Center, Afterschool Director at City GrowersCommunity Board 2member … and I know there are many more organizations where you devote your time.

SJ: Well, I’m a supporter and member of the Close Rikers Campaign with Just Leadership USA, I’m also an NAACP member, and a chapter leader with Million Hoodies for Justice. I’m also a part of the Downtown Brooklyn Task Force to assist with local schools.

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