The young voices we aren’t hearing in the gun-control debate

The courage and the strength of the Parkland students are inspiring. Amid their personal pain, they have articulated a sense of rage, conviction and moral clarity over the lack of action on gun violence. Oprah Winfrey has likened these brave students to the Freedom Riders of the 1960s. Others have commented that such youth activism might change the political landscape and make progress possible at last.

While the heroism of these students is without question, we shouldn’t forget that the Parkland activists are part of a broader choir of youths — from Columbine to Ferguson to Baltimore — who have harmonized their voices to plead for an end to gun violence in all its forms.

Unfortunately, many of us have difficulty hearing each voice equally. The ears of our nation have still not been trained to hear the prophetic voices of poor youths of color.

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