NYC Black & Brown Youth Want You To Know, ‘We Been Marching’

Saturday’s March for Our Lives marked an important milestone in the national conversation surrounding gun violence. The Parkland students have raised the national conscious in their fight for comprehensive legislation, but we should remain steadfast that the ask for life, liberty and pursuit of justice—has been previously interrogated by youth of color.

To remind the nation of this pivotal piece of information, a series of activist groups (Women’s March Youth Empower, Hater Free NYC, Girls For Gender Equity and Million Hoodies) gathered together to organize a march in New York City centered on youth of color.

We spoke to Agunda Okeyo, the principal organizer of Saturday’s event, about the legacy of Black youth activists and to center the conversation to include the communities most affected by gun violence. Okeyo is also a writer and creator of Hater Free NYC a political education platform, and works as a core member of Women’s March NYC.

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Million Hoodies