We been marching: Centering black and brown youth in the fight against gun violence


There have been at least 23 school shootings in America this year, so far. That’s an average of one school shooting a week.

While recent media coverage has focused on the young white victims of high-profile mass shootings like the Feb. 14 massacre at Parkland, Florida high school, for the black community, gun violence is nothing new. In fact, according to Million Hoodies, an organization building the next generation of leadership to fight anti-black racism and systemic violence, guns kill 10 times the number of black children each year than they do white children.

It’s about time that the country centers and elevates black and brown youth activists in the discourse about ending gun violence.

After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which claimed 17 lives, I felt tired. Tired of all the shootings and inaction. It feels like a culling of young voices that could otherwise join a chorus of dissent as they grow up."

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