Million Hoodies holds 2018 National Congress at Tuskegee University

On August 2 through August 5, activists met at the historic Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama for the Million Hoodies 2018 National Congress. The congress attracted Million Hoodies members and potential members from around the United States. Million Hoodies is an organization that developed in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin. It has been active in bringing together people of color with a desire to make concrete changes in their communities to prevent further acts of hate and other forms of oppression people of color face. 

The event began at the Kellogg Conference Center & Hotel at Tuskegee University. After a fantastic dinner was served, a film called “Dispatches From Cleveland” was screened. The film focused on the organizing around the horrific killing of Tamir Rice, and the struggle against police brutality. Emphasis was placed on linking that struggle to other issues oppressed communities face in order to strengthen the movement. A central message was that the liberation of the Black community goes hand in hand with the liberation of the trans community specifically.

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