The Leslie Marshall Show - HR8 Gun Background Check Bill

Today's guest hosts are Anisha Singh, Senior Organizing Director for Generation Progress, the youth-engagement arm of American Progress, and Charlotte Hancock, Communications Director for Generation Progress.

The two are joined by the following guests as they discuss gun policy, including the new background check bill, HR8.

Guest 1: Dante Barry, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice

Tweets: @dantbarry

Guest 2: Chelsea Parsons, Vice President, Gun Violence Prevention, CAP

Tweets: @ChelseaCParsons

Anisha Singh's Twitter handle is @Anisha_S113 and Charlotte Hancock's handle is @CharlatAnne.

The website for "The Center for American Progress" is and their Twitter Handle is @amprog.

Click here to listen to the show.