36 Civil Rights Groups Demand End to Amazon’s Partnerships with Police

“Thirty-six civil rights organizations signed an open letter demanding local, state, and federal officials to end partnerships between Ring, Amazon’s home surveillance company, and over 405 law enforcement agencies around the country.

The open letter, which was published yesterday by digital rights advocacy group Fight for the Future, also demands municipalities to pass surveillance oversight ordinances in order to "deter" police from partnering with companies like Ring in the future. The letter also calls on Congress to investigate Ring's practices.

The open letter escalates the petition campaign that Fight for the Future launched in August, which called on civilians to petition their local officials to stop, halt, or ban any police partnerships with Ring.

The signatories of the open letter include privacy advocacy groups like Media Justice, the Tor Project, and Media Mobilizing Project, and racial justice coalition like The Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Mijente, and the American-Arab Anti-Discriimnination Committee. The open letter points out that the proliferation of privatized surveillance cameras like Ring, which make it easy for law enforcement to request footage without a warrant, disproportionately puts marginalized and over-policed communities of color at risk.”

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