National Office

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Dante Barry

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Dante Barry is an entrepreneur, nationally recognized strategist, and leader on public health solutions to end gun violence. He is committed to building a human rights movement that restores the dignity of our communities.


Kaydrianne Young

Leadership Development Consultant

Kaydrianne Young is a justice advocate proudly born and raised in Miami, FL. While earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Sustainability at the University of Florida, she worked with grassroots public education groups and her university to recruit, train, and mentor youth for leadership in environmental entrepreneurship and renewable energy advocacy.

Through her work with the American Heart Association and the Florida Legislature she has catalyzed investment in the growth of local healthy food entrepreneurs in black and brown communities disproportionately effected by food deserts across Florida. Believing in both the power of good government and civic engagement she has worked to elect progressive champions up and down the ticket and inspired increased political efficacy through public education events on pressing civil liberties and human rights issues. She is currently focused on building inclusive and intersectional structures for justice with the scope and capacity to aggressively fight to align political will with the will of the people.