National Office


Dante Barry

Co-Founder and Executive Director

With 12+ years of experience in community organizing and leadership development, Dante Barry joins Million Hoodies with a commitment to developing the next generation of activists and organizers. Dante Barry is a writer, strategist, Executive Director and co-founder of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice. 


Kaydrianne Young

Leadership Development Consultant

Kaydrianne Young is a justice advocate proudly born and raised in Miami, FL. While earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Sustainability at the University of Florida, she worked with grassroots public education groups and her university to recruit, train, and mentor youth for leadership in environmental entrepreneurship and renewable energy advocacy.

Through her work with the American Heart Association and the Florida Legislature she has catalyzed investment in the growth of local healthy food entrepreneurs in black and brown communities disproportionately effected by food deserts across Florida. Believing in both the power of good government and civic engagement she has worked to elect progressive champions up and down the ticket and inspired increased political efficacy through public education events on pressing civil liberties and human rights issues. She is currently focused on building inclusive and intersectional structures for justice with the scope and capacity to aggressively fight to align political will with the will of the people. 



Organizing Fellow

Giavonni is a fierce social justice advocate originating from one of the epicenters of black culture, New Orleans. She is currently studying History & Economics at Bard College where she advocates, mentors, and organizes for multiple organizations. No matter what she’s working on she constantly integrates her passion for vocalizing the needs of underrepresented groups. Giavonni plays a vital role throughout all her involvement, primarily because of her ability to constructively challenge archaic ideas while offering tangible blueprints to produce meaningful change.


National Coordinating Committee


Samantha Johnson

New York City Chapter

Serving over 5,000 residents yearly through programing, workshops and special events for youth, teen and adults through the Ingersoll Community Center, Samantha Johnson has begun to create a name in Fort Green since 2010. Through her partnerships with families and community stakeholders within the Fort Greene community and across New York, Ms. Johnson has connected community members to a multitude of services to strengthen family and community relations.  Samantha’s passion is that she takes pride in community, youth development and social justice and feels that there are no limits to what a person should have access to. She is an active member of the NYC Chapter of Million Hoodies for Justice, NAACP and has partnered with SOS (Save our Streets).  Ms. Johnson is an active member of Brooklyn Community Board No. 2, Youth Education and Cultural arts Committee and a proud graduate of The New School University. She is presently working on her masters for Social Work in Community Organizing at Hunter College.  Ms. Johnson has been recognized by numerous organizations and received awards from Mothers Against Gangs Appreciation Award (2012), Brooklyn Community Church Sisterhood Award (2014) and Brooklyn Trailblazer Award (2013) Citation for community service from the Brooklyn Boro President (2015) and the Barclays Community Service Award (2016).



New York City Chapter

Jacqueline Bediako is a writer, educator and organizer. Her work has been published by: Atlanta Blackstar, Truthout, and My Joy Online in Ghana, among others. The daughter of Ghanaian immigrants, Jacqueline was born and raised in London and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of the University of Bristol in England and Brooklyn College, she is currently working towards certification as a behavior analyst. As an organizer, Jacqueline’s work focuses on supporting immigrants seeking opportunity and civil rights in New York City. As a member of the New York City Chapter of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, Jacqueline focuses on empowering black and brown communities through education and community building. She also focuses on expanding coalitions with allied organizations to challenge systemic violence and anti-black racism.



Pete Haviland-EduaH

Washington, DC Chapter

Pete Haviland-Eduah is a public policy professional and graduate of the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. Originally from Saratoga Springs, NY,  Pete has served as a spokesperson for and member of the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice since 2014. 

Pete has been featured in the New York TimesWashington PostUSA Todaythe Hillthe Nation, and NBC News. He’s participated as a panelist and invited keynote public speaker at colleges and universities in the U.S. and was a co-creator of the 2015 short documentary film, Walking the Line of Blackness.


Night Out for Safety and Liberation-49.jpg

Lexi Parra

Bard College Chapter

Lexi Parra is a Venezuelan-American originally from Minneapolis, MN. She is a rising senior Photography and Human Rights Joint Major at Bard College. As an artist and young organizer, she is constantly learning the many ways to uplift and create space for our communities as we fight for true liberation.


Dajé Austrie

West Florida Chapter

Dajé Austrie is Carribean-American hailing from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Dajé Austrie is a third year undergraduate student at New College of Florida, seeking a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. He expects to attend medical school after successfully finishing his time at New College. When off campus, Dajé is the Executive Co-chair and cofounder of the West Florida Chapter of Million Hoodies. He sees this organization as a medium for both peer-driven community service and as a space for young black and brown people to find support from one another.