national congress

Congress is the opportunity to be inspired, make new connections, reunite with friends, and engage in powerful conversations about how to deepen our work and move forward together.


The vision for Congress is a simple one: bring together people within a framework of shared values and beliefs. The starting point for every human rights movement in the United States and around the world has always been about connection and conversation on street corners, college dorm rooms, and barbershops. This has guided how we’ve thought about the future of an organization that got its start.

Now is the time to assess our environment, strategize about how to move forward, and experiment with new strategies and tactics to grow our membership base, train new leaders, and build local power. This convening offers the space to build community with other Million Hoodies members from around the country and to be in conversation about developing strategies for shaping new outcomes for our communities.


Get ready for july 2018. 

Through workshops and relationship building with Million Hoodies members from around the country, we hope that Congress provides the space to uncover the knowledge and resilience that our community holds. Million Hoodies National Congress is aimed at crafting network-wide alignment on our national narrative and organizing principles, as well as to establish our unwavering commitment towards building a human rights movement for dignity and democracy where all Black and Brown people have social, political, cultural, and economic freedom and the right to be safe. Congress is one of the most dynamic weekends for 75 Million Hoodies members because of the relationships, exchange of best practices, and action-based values.

We understand that in order to genuinely craft this alignment, we must not only present ideas and theories but give our membership the skills necessary for their effective and genuine practice. This year we are offering four different types of programming to develop the skill sets and awareness of our members and to struggle around the key questions that face our movements today. From organizing and political education to the arts and healing, Million Hoodies members may submit interactive workshop proposals to share best practices, new ideas, and engage in principled debate to build a democracy that works for us.


Our communities are under attack at every level, and we need to protect and defend our COmmunities! 

The time to be in community is now. We can’t afford to stay on the sidelines or silent as our people continue to be deported, killed by police, suffer through injustice and negligence by the government.

We are looking for commitment. By choosing to join the Million Hoodies family, you are choosing to take a stand for yourself and your community. You are choosing to deny the criminalization, marginalization, and violence that our families are subject to every day. You are choosing to join in a proud tradition of Black and Brown youth organizing and leadership across the nation.