Million Hoodies is a network of young people based in local and campus-based chapters across the country working to solve problems and advance solutions in their communities. From community reinvestment, gun violence, educational equity, and police militarization, the Million Hoodies network provides opportunities for the next generation of leaders to organize and advocate for their communities through a robust leadership development program. 



Ella baker leadership program



In 2015, we launched the Ella Baker Leadership Program to invest in a new generation of leaders in developing their skill sets in grassroots organizing. The Ella Baker Leadership Program introduces emerging leaders to the basics of building a chapter and community organizing. This program focuses on building skills and power among our members by providing access to resources and opportunities. 


We Keep us Safe Network


The We Keep Us Safe Network is an organizing platform that provides activists with the tools to educate themselves and take immediate action during moments of crisis. It allows communities to share their stories and mobilize others to keep our communities safe. Because we know that young people of color have the wisdom we need to thrive. The We Keep Us Safe Network is about investing in young people with the courage, creativity, and dedication to reimagine safety for empowered communities.




Through workshops, strategy sessions, and social activities, National Membership Congress prepares the next generation of Million Hoodies leaders to push for transformational change in their communities. National Congress is aimed at crafting network-wide alignment on our organizational DNA and organizing principles, as well as to establish our unwavering commitment to each other towards building a human rights movement for human dignity and democracy. Congress is open to all network membership and held annually in July.