Million Hoodies Stands in Solidarity with Standing Rock

For months, Indigenous Peoples have gathered at Standing Rock in a critical fight to protect the land and water from the violent construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a project that could carry more than 400,000 barrels of crude oil a day from western North Dakota across South Dakota and Iowa to connect with an existing pipeline in Illinois. Given a long history of settler colonialism and the continued displacement of Indigenous peoples, the Dakota Access Pipeline project participates in the destruction of the natural environment and violates a sacred relationship to the land.

We affirm our commitment to stand against environmental racism and to support Indigenous sovereignty. Across the United States, Black and Brown communities are subject to higher rates of asthma and other diseases resulting from pollution and malnutrition; as demonstrated recently not only in Standing Rock but also through the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Our neighborhoods are more likely to have landfills, toxic factories, fracking, and other forms of environmental violence inflicted on them. We will not let this continue.

Our members have been moved to act and we support the call to cease all development of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We demand the United States government to cease the various forms of environmental racism and trauma it has inflicted on our communities for generations.