Statement on Universal Background Checks Legislation in Congress

As the new majority in Congress focuses on a set of priorities concerning Americans of all backgrounds, today House Democrats will introduce the bipartisan Background Check Expansion Act, a bill that requires federal background checks on all gun sales. We look forward to working with leaders in Congress and violence prevention advocates across the country to develop solutions that get to the root of the growing epidemic of gun violence experienced by all communities. Any legislation containing language used to criminalize young people of color communities instead of lifting up our communities, guided by a vision for safety and justice, must be interrogated. We look forward to reviewing the new bill and working with leaders of Congress to address our concerns.

Million Hoodies Movement for Justice is a human rights membership, chapter-based organization building next generation leaders to end anti-black racism and systemic violence. We are building a grassroots student-led human rights movement to end gun violence and reimagine safety and justice for all communities.