Release: Million Hoodies Demands The City of Vallejo To Release Police Body Camera Footage from the Shooting Death of Willie McCoy



March 21, 2019

The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice launched a campaign today related to the recent police shooting of 20 year old Black rapper, Willie McCoy, to demand the City of Vallejo to release body camera footage to the public immediately. This campaign launches after the family of Willie McCoy saw footage from an officer’s body camera last week and now they want the public to see it. The footage suggests that he was not awake when the 6 police officers opened fire and that he appeared to be scratching himself and not grabbing for a weapon. In the video, the officers told Willie to show them his hands and then quickly shot him. He never heard the officers identify themselves as the police. For about 15 minutes before the shooting, the officers were standing around didn’t appear to have a plan of action that could have prevented someone from getting hurt. Willie was shot 25 times, including in the face, throat, and upper body, All six of the officers were placed back on duty.

“Police violence is gun violence. Too many young people in our communities are dying and we are demanding justice for Willie McCoy. We need to talk about community safety in a nuanced way that acknowledges how law enforcement is seen by our communities,” said Dante Barry, co-founder and executive director of the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice. “The real emergency in our country is gun violence. No one deserves to be shot dead in our communities. Too many from our communities are experiencing the devastating costs of gun violence, policing, and economic injustice. The police shooting of Willie McCoy is a consequence for the criminalization of our communities. Safer and healthier neighborhoods are strengthened by addressing poverty.”

Willie McCoy was shot and killed by six police officers while sitting in his car in the drive through of a Taco Bell in February. Million Hoodies Movement for Justice is leading an effort to connect gun violence with the criminalization of our communities. Following reports of the police shooting of Willie McCoy, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice launched the #JusticeforWillieMcCoy campaign to bring awareness to the issue of gun violence in our communities and to hold the City of Vallejo accountable for another incident of gun violence.


Born out of outrage from the horrific shooting of Black teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice is a human rights organization dedicated to ending gun violence and reimagining safety and justice for all communities. Million Hoodies Movement for Justice partners with leaders and advocates to advance state reform through advocacy, public education, coalition-building, and research. Million Hoodies Movement for Justice also brings together students, elected officials, and survivors of gun violence to advance policies that help communities most harmed by the criminal justice system. We promote strategies to stop the cycle of violence and build healthy communities.