end gun violence


We promote strategies to stop the cycle of violence and build healthy communities.

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Justice for jazmine barnes

Jazmine was shot to death in a Walmart parking lot outside of Houston in a drive-by shooting while her mother sustained a gunshot wound to her arm and is hospitalized. People are coming together to demand justice for Jazmine so we're sending your letters of support to her mother so she knows that we have her back.


Justice for willie McCoy

Bay Area native 20 year old Willie McCoy was shot and killed by six police officers while sitting in his car in the drive-through of a Taco Bell. Willie McCoy's family is demanding answers from the City of Vallejo for another incident of gun violence. They believe he was racially profiled and the response of the city officials was unjustified.

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Million Hoodies launches iowa prison industries divestment campaign

Grinnell College’s chapter of Million Hoodies launched their prison divestment campaign following a joint national week of action where 14+ campuses presented demands to their administrations to divest from the prison industrial complex and reinvest in community based programs for youth of color.

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show nipsey hussle’s family your support!

We are heartbroken to learn news about the shooting death of entrepreneur and hip hop artist Nipsey Hussle. We're going to send your letters of support to Nipsey Hussle's partner, actress Lauren London, so that their family knows that we are with them in this struggle as we demand safety and justice for all of our communities. 


Join the Movement

To realize our vision and achieve our goals, we:

  • Develop the leadership of students and young people to build local power to transform our communities from violence and criminalization. We organize young people of color from a range of experiences and identities.

  • Run campaigns to push back against anti-black racism and the criminalization of our communities.

  • Educate our members and the public on the critical issues facing our communities.