about us 


Million Hoodies is a human rights membership, chapter-based organization building next generation leaders to end anti-black racism and systemic violence.


OUr story

Million Hoodies Movement for Justice was born out of outrage from the horrific shooting of Black teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012. Too many young people in our communities are dying and aren’t provided the opportunity to realize their dreams of living prosperous and healthy lives. Gun violence is a public health crisis in the United States and part of a vicious cycle of racial and economic injustice, leading to thousands of deaths each year.

Our founders recognized the need to develop the leadership of young people of color to collectively challenge the defining issue of our time. Million Hoodies Movement for Justice evolved from its organic beginning into becoming a vibrant political home for youth of color activists shaping the country’s narrative about safety and justice and effecting social change at the local level. The vision for the organization is grounded in three pillars: transformative leadership development, student organizing, and issue-based advocacy. Million Hoodies Movement for Justice is a grassroots human rights movement of students working together to end gun violence and reimagine safety and justice for all communities.

Gun violence and poverty touches every community in America. We are fighting for a future where young people, no matter their background, have a fair chance to live in a resilient and thriving community with opportunity.

Our members engage in campus-based organizing around the issues that directly impact their communities, from launching a sanctuary fund to provide services and support to undocumented students to reimagining college student activism, and campaigning to reinvest in community and divest from policing and other harmful systems. In partnership with ColorofChange.org, Million Hoodies successfully stopped Oklahoma from passing a discriminatory law that would criminalize Black youth from wearing hoodies in public spaces.

Our members are developing the tools to improve the lives and conditions of marginalized people and build campus power to transform our communities from criminalization and violence.