Huffington Post: Safety Beyond Policing: A New Campaign Slams NYC Plan for More Cops

Members of a campaign called Safety Beyond Policing, at City Hall on Thursday denounced City Council’s plan to put $97 million towards increasing the NYPD headcount by 1000 officers. The NYPD currently has approximately 34,500uniformed personnel. Los Angeles, by comparison, has roughly 9,900.

The protesters called the Council’s plan dangerous, stating that quotas ensure more arrests, and demanded that the money be spent instead to support community improvements such as jobs, healthcare, transportation access and public housing.

“Our communities know what ‘public safety’ means and it’s not more police. Communities of color are redefining safety — safety for us means investment in our basic needs and less police. We don’t feel safer with more police implementing broken windows policing,” said Monica Novoa of Families for Freedom, an organization that is supporting the Safety Beyond Policing campaign.

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