Oklahoma's #HoodieBanBill defeated after Million Hoodies and ColorOfChange launch campaign targeting state Senate

Senate Bill 13 defeated two days before Trayvon Martin's birthday

Two weeks ago, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice and ColorOfChange.org launched a campaign to draw attention to Oklahoma's controversial #HoodieBanBill, which threatened to curtail constitutionally-protected free expression rights in the state. Today the bill was defeated in the Oklahoma Senate Judiciary committee.

“We launched this campaign to raise awareness around the country that there is no place for legislation like this here in America,” said Million Hoodies National Policy Coordinator, Pete Haviland-Eduah. “Empowering law enforcement officials to enforce what would effectively have been a dress code would have far reaching and long lasting negative consequences for people in Oklahoma and across the nation. As Americans, we have to make strides towards coming together as a unified people if we are going to make progress towards racial equality. If passed, this legislation would have polarized us even more as a nation. That's why we took a stand against the divisive #HoodieBanBill. And we're happy that our efforts, along with work of partners and members, led to its defeat."

ColorOfChange.org Managing Director Arisha Hatch added, "The defeat of Senate Bill 13 comes at an important time: just two days before Trayvon Martin's 20th birthday. After Trayvon was killed, the hoodie became a powerful symbol in the civil rights movement. A symbol of unity and resistance in the face of the harassment and violence that Black folks face every day across the country. 

"Oklahoma is a state where a police officer who raped and beat at least 6 Black women was released on bail, and an extremist who shot and killed a Black police chief was released without charges. There's a lot of work to be done. And we'll be keeping a close eye on the Republican state legislature to ensure that they focus on urgent priorities instead of wasting tax-payer dollars on other pieces of unjust and unproductive legislation like the #HoodieBanBill."

For more information on the campaign, click here and sign the petition.